The Centre des monuments nationaux has developed access to these monuments for the greatest number of people and promotes knowledge about them.

The vVisiting

The Centre des mMonuments Nnationaux has developed the access to monuments which it opens to the public for the greatest number of people and promotes knowledge about them.

Its action towards directed at the players in the social field is developeds throughout the course of the year, and is based, in particular, on several operations: contributing to the "Living Together" mission of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, alongside thirty other institutions;

participating, since 2006, in the flagship event of the Ministry known as "Les Portes du temps" ("The Gates of Time", aimed at young audiences from the social field and, in particular, from priority neighbourhoods of as defined in urban the town's policy and its rural development areas, "Les Portes du temps" ("The Gates of Time"); partnerships at both a national and local level with large associations from the social field (Cultures du coeur, Secours populaire, Armée du salut, Action Enfance and the Comité national de liaison des régies de quartier which creates partnerships between representatives of territorial units, housing authorities and local inhabitants).

On a daily basis, the monuments' general public services offer tours and activities adapted to an audiencesfromof the social field, organise training for relays to help them to accompany groups independently and, of course, are always ready to receive visitors from all backgrounds by offering various forms of mediation so they can make the most of their visit (guided tours, lecture visits, workshops, visitor guides, audio guides, etc.).


The heritage workshops

The heritage workshops enable are a way of discovering a technique, an era or a style related to the monument through painting, drawing, modelling and other creative means.

The workshop is run by a qualified instructor chosen by the Centre des mMonuments Nnationaux or a specialist of the topic being dealt with (arts and crafts, etc.), and it lasts 2 1/2 hours.

To better organise the heritage workshop with your group, you are invited to contact the monument to define the most appropriate form this workshop will take, based on your expectations and your audience.

As an accompanying structure for people with social difficulties, the CMN offers you a fee of 45 euros per workshop for a group of up to 20 people, excluding accompanying persons. Entry to the monument and its visit tour are included in this price. 

Visitor guide

If you wish you can download a number of visitor guide documents in the educative actions section. To do so, please follow the link below and click on the map that displays to choose your monument:  

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