Financial conditions


The Centre des Monuments Nationaux offers a price scale suited to all requirements.

 The price scale is based on the following principles:

  • The rates vary according to the monument. The rate reduces according to the number of monuments used and number of shoots in a project, whether consecutive or not.  
  • Depending on the type of shoot, our rates are valid for an occupancy of 12 hours for fictional dramas and 8 hours for other formats.
  • If the agreed time is exceeded, an hourly rate will be applied; a reduction of 50% is given for installation and take-down time;
  • These are fixed rates which, in addition to use of the locations, include payment for the CMN staff on site to monitor the use of the monument. The installations and equipment are not the responsibility of the CMN staff. 

 An international tax rebate has been introduced in France for foreign productions of cinematographic or audiovisual works, all or part of which are made in France. The French Film Commission website provides information on how to qualify for the tax rebate, which types of work are eligible and the conditions of registering eligible expenditure. 


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