Spotlight on...

Visits by torch or candle light, gas or electric lighting, the effects of the sun on architecture and the reflections of glass, light in all its forms intermingles with the monuments.  Watching how the light plays on some buildings is still a common sight! Spotlight on... 

When the Sun meets the Arc

Twice a year, the sun sets on the axis of the Champs-Élysées and creeps between the columns of the Arc de Triomphe, creating a spectacular sight. This event only takes place in spring and summer... 

Photography fans, it's time to get your long lenses out!

Bathe in the sun

Aah, the incredible light of the Côte d’Azur... 

Make the most of visiting the Villa Kérylos, perched on the rocky tip of the Baie des Fourmis in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, to enjoy basking in the sun! This villa, inspired by Antiquity, will take you on a sun-kissed journey through an ancient Greek residence.

Glass and light

With 15 windows measuring 15m in height, the Sainte-Chapelle completely dissolves under the effect of the light. The walls sparkle, transforming into a succession of colourful scintillations.

Let yourself be carried away by this radiant jewel of Gothic art!

A little colour?

Keep an eye out at the Basilique Saint-Denis

When the sun's rays pierce through the windows, the effigies take on different colours...

Follow the guide

The lanterns of the Domaine National du Palais-Royal guide your steps through the galleries of Montpensier, Beaujolais, Valois and Orléans, once night has fallen... this has been happening since 1816, when public lighting was installed!

Full beam on the Tour de la Lanterne

Sailor friends, as you approach the port of La Rochelle, let yourself be guided by the light from the Tour de la Lanterne. 
It has been used as a lighthouse since the 14th century.

It is also the oldest lighthouse on the whole of the Atlantic coast!  

It's electric

Comfort and modernity are the keywords at the Villa Cavrois, designed by Robert Mallet-Stevens.

With electricity in every room, the current seems to flow between the art deco lights and the clear-cut architecture of this fully equipped residence, very modern for the 1930s!

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