Go climb a monument

One, two, one, two...

Visiting a national monument is not always restful. You might have to climb over 200 steps during your visit, with superb panoramic views as the reward.  

Discover the highest monuments and select the ones you want to visit according to your step rating! 


You are : 

The experienced climber

No tower high enough for you? There are 422 narrow, uneven steps in the towers of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris
The reward? Fantastic views over the Île de la Cité, the monuments of Paris and a unique encounter with the gargoyles and mythical figures of Viollet-le-Duc! +

The motivated climber

The 396 steps of the cathedral should whet your appetite for challenge. Once at the top, you can peer down on the city of Bourges, its marshes and, in the distance, the lush green plains of the Berry region. 

The curious climber

Do you want to explore Paris? Make sure you go up the Arc de Triomphe, don't be put off by its 284 steps! At the top, there is a 360° view over the city of light. Don't forget to enjoy it by night, as in the summer, the Arc de Triomphe is open until 11pm. 

The beginner climber

By climbing 223 high, uneven steps, you can look out over Bordeaux from the Tour Pey-Berland. Even if you're not that fit, it's an easy climb, and you won't be disappointed by the panoramic view of the city!

Climber, but not too ambitious

Steps aren't your thing? The 126 steps of the 14th century Montmajour Abbey only take a little effort, with the promise of an incredible view over Arles and its region.

Not climber at all

Not keen on steps at all?  Not a problem, the Palais du Tau in Reims or the Château de Champs-sur-Marne are fully accessible (lift, gentle slope, etc.)!

Enjoy your visits!

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