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The role of Pôle Images

Pôle Images, the images division of the Centre des monuments nationaux, has a rich collection of 450,000 Ektachromes and negatives of all formats, particularly extensive for the monuments the Centre des monuments nationaux open to the public. These photographic collections form an outstanding and regularly-updated documentary resource that will interest editors, researchers, art historians, architects, and other professionals looking for an abundant source of images on architecture, French in particular. From the monumental to the more commonplace, these collections also focus on objects housed at the monuments, from paintings, drawings and sculptures to books, prints and furniture.  

They also contain heritage collections in which purely documentary shots coexist with a more picturesque view of a changing environment.

Anyone interested in old photography will find some of its best artists, such as Jean and Albert Seeberger, Émeric Feher, René-Jacques and Jean Feuillie. Pôle Images of the Centre des monuments nationaux commercialises its collections in the form of HD digital files and prints to respond to the full range of publishing, research and exhibition requests. 


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"To publicise its rich photographic collections, the Centre des monuments nationaux has made a database available to the general public, which can be consulted online, containing more than 50,000 images.
At any time it is possible to search for online visuals, order them and download them.


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Print sales

  • Sale of black and white or sepia prints in 13x18, 18x24, 24x30, 30x40, 50x60 formats
    Sale of colour prints in 13x18 to 50x60 formats
  • Sale of colour prints in 13x18 or 50x60 formats
  • Colour duplication

Terms and conditions

Reproduction and representation of photographic documents 
Any use for purposes of reproduction and/or representation of documents is subject to prior and express consent of the Pôle Images of the Centre des monuments nationaux for the use specified on the service order and solely that use.
Any reproduction and/or exploitation involves the payment of a right of reproduction and/or exploitation. 
Any new use of a photographic document is subject to a new request prior to use and the payment of a further fee. Any photograph used must be credited as follows: © name of photographer / Centre des monuments nationaux.

Failure to comply with these rules (prior authorisation and mention of the photo credit) will lead to doubling reproduction and/or exploitation fees.

Upon publication, full proof should be sent to the Pôle Images of the CMN for the attention of Isabelle Grasswill. The print number must also be supplied in every instance. The print number should be systematically communicated.
Entering into a service order implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
It should be noted that some of the works shown in the photographs 
By submitting an order form, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Please note that when certain monuments are represented on photographs (for example:  Villa Savoye by Edouard Jeanneret known as Le Corbusier - Villa Cavrois by Mallet-Stevens), an additional copyright fee applies on top of the photographic reproduction fee. These fees are generally collected by the ADAGP - 11, rue Berryer - 75008 Paris. Tel.: +33 (0)1 43 59 09 79 (

Method of payment (in France): by cheque in euros made payable to the Centre des monuments nationaux - Agence comptable - 62, rue Saint-Antoine 75186 Paris cedex 04 France. By bank transfer: 10071-75000-00001000679 clé 80 TPPARIS RGF Overseas - Cheque in euros accepted by a bank domiciled in France or an International postal order. For any use not covered by the prices given here, please contact the Photo agency who will arrange a quote.

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For documentation enquiries: 
For enquiries regarding reproduction fees: 

Opening hours 
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