A project, it's all in the planning!

As the client, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux makes key strategic decisions regarding any building or restoration project it undertakes and oversees funding, sometimes with the assistance of sponsors or institutional partners.

When the CMN programmes extensive restoration work for a given monument, it commissions the main contractor, the competent chief architect in charge of historic monuments for the region, to carry out a survey. Once the survey has been completed and approved, the CMN then instructs the chief architect to plan the work required. The planning document, put together over several months, is designed to prepare for every aspect of the future project and enables the main contractor to consult with companies on a work package by work package basis.

For projects relating to collections, the objects in question are meticulously inventoried, studied, cleaned and, where necessary, consolidated.

And in the field...

Once the companies have been selected, the CMN signs a contract with each of them so the project can begin.

The main contractor acts as project manager and oversees the smooth running of the work from start to completion.

For particularly large-scale work, a project may be split into several phases. A project is concluded when the CMN takes delivery of the work, vouching for its perfect completion.

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