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Panthéon, le Tombeau des dieux endormis

Eric Adam, Didier Convard, Han Neck Han

Collection "Bandes dessinées"

When humanity, deprived of its history, loses its taste for life.
Co-published with Glénat

Feuilleter l’ouvrage

Most of humanity left the Earth several centuries ago, fleeing the ineluctable rising water levels caused by climate change. Direction: the Moon. A new society gradually develops, rejecting war and famine. Peace reigns over a world cut off from its roots. Time slips by, every day is the same, mechanical and joyless. Then, a wave of suicides suddenly takes place, alerting the Lunar Consistory. A learned assembly comes to the following conclusion: the new humanity is dying from an unforeseen illness, the lack of memory. Six “historinauts” thus make the journey to the old planet of their ancestors to re-establish contact with the history humanity. They land in Paris, at the Panthéon.

24 x 32 cm
relié plein papier
56 pages
  • français ISBN : 978-2-7234-8188-5
    Price : 13.90 €
Éric Adam has been a professional writer since 1994. He produced dozen of scripts for corporate communications comics, then collaborated on famous series such as Lucky Luke<:i>, Rantanplan, and Le Marsupilami. His script for Contes du 7e Souffle wanders off the beaten track to focus on a simple, powerful plot worthy of the great westerns or samurai films.

Didier Convard was born in Paris in 1950. An avid reader, he is also keen on esotericism and fantasy. He published his first drawings in the magazine Saga and, in 1982, succeeded François Bourgeon as the illustrator of Brunelle et Colin. He also published a fantasy series, Chats (Éditions Dargaud). In parallel to his work as an illustrator, Didier Convard wrote several scripts for Gine. He was the author of Mathieu Lamy in Gomme, and Neige in Tintin. The series Neige, published by Glénat, gave rise to an eponymous novel. Gine and Convard teamed up again for an ambitious series in which they describe an aquatic world in peril: an action-packed narrative touched by environmentalism and humanism, Finkel. Convard also writes scripts for a medieval series illustrated by Alexis Chabert, Rogon le Leu (Delcourt). A prolific writer, he has published a remarkable series, Le Triangle Secret (Glénat), featuring Freemasons, Templars, and Cathars.

Han Neck Han was born in Prachinburi, Thailand. Of Cambodian origin, he had fled his county in the grip of war and dictatorship. He and his mother took refuge in France in 1976. He lives and works in Rennes. From his earliest childhood, he devoted himself to drawing, discovered comics at school, then decided to make a career of it as a self-taught illustrator. In 1998, he met Didier Tarquin at Quai des Bulles, the Saint-Malo comics festival, which opened the doors of comics to him and gave him the opportunity to be published in 2001.

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