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Jean-Jacques Rousseau et les arts

Guilhem Scherf

Collection "Catalogues d'exposition"

The rediscovery of the man and the writer through his close relationship to art.
The themes of his relationship to classical art or to books and illustration, and his taste for music and nature are explored in depth.

Feuilleter l’ouvrage

The close and ambiguous relationship of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778) to the arts—which, according to him, went hand in hand with luxury and moral corruption (“Discourse on the Sciences and Arts”)—reveal interesting aspects of his personality, works, and era. This catalogue, published on the occasion of the exhibition Rousseau et les arts at the Panthéon, is thus a rediscovery of the man and the writer, the tercentenary of whose birth is being celebrated in 2012.

The book, edited by Guilhem Scherf, features contributions from a dozen specialists and eminent Rousseauists. The first section explores various exciting and little-known themes, including Rousseau’s passion for music, his relationship to his own image, and his collaboration on the illustration of his works. The second section is dedicated to the fame of the author, the monuments raised in his memory, and the transfer of his ashes to the Panthéon.

21 x 27 cm
broché avec rabats
184 pages
300 illustrations
  • français ISBN : 978-2-7577-0214-7
    Price : 39.00 €
Guilhem Scherf, chief curator of the Department of Sculptures of the Louvre, is joined by 12 authors, including eminent Rousseauists and literary historians (Jacques Berchtold, Michael O’Dea, François Jacob, and Michel Delon).




Première partie : Rousseau et son œuvre

Rousseau : une vie

Les manuscrits de Rousseau

Rousseau et ses éditeurs


Rousseau et l’Antiquité

Rousseau et le modèle antique

Le livre

Les frontispices allégoriques au xviiie siècle

L’illustration des œuvres de Rousseau

La Nouvelle Héloïse, illustrée par Gravelot

La Nouvelle Héloïse, illustrée par Moreau

Émile, illustrée par Eisen et Moreau

La musique

La musique chez Rousseau

La nature

Nature et paysage chez Rousseau


Seconde partie : Rousseau et son image


Le portrait de soi


Rousseau mis en scène. L’allégorie


Les monuments en l’honneur de Rousseau

La célébration au Panthéon

Voltaire et Rousseau au Panthéon

Voltaire et Rousseau

Une histoire impossible,



Crédits photographiques

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